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Jerusalem Realty is trusted by various Diplomatic Missions, United Nations Agencies and other International Organizations working in Jerusalem, to provide housing solutions for their employees.

Jerusalem Realty is a long-term apartments rental agency that provides housing solutions for diplomats, international agencies employees, journalists or anyone looking to rent a home in Jerusalem.


With more than ten years in the rental market domain in Jerusalem, we know how to find you a place that you can call home. Since our start, we’ve supported tens of customers who have given us their trust by putting their needs at the center of everything we do. We are committed to providing you with a quality and exceptional service. We’ve got your back today, tomorrow, and all the days ahead.

Jerusalem Realty - with its focus ONLY on the long-term rental market - can go head to head against any other real estate brokerage agency in town when it comes to professionalism and functionality. While other agencies focus mainly on the sales market and do rentals as a minor activity, we eat, drink and breath only the rental market. When other agencies use predatory business practices and aggressive methods to strong arm customers into sticking around, we are confident in the strength of our services that we offer flexible and aggressive-free business dealings.


Our extensive listings include many types of residences, such as apartments, penthouses and garden apartments, as well as duplexes, cottages, private houses, Arab-style or modern single family residences.

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